Dog Training

At Sheffield Dog Training
Club, we will help you to train
your dog using kind, effective
and positive training methods.

 We will show you how to
guide your dogs into good,
socially acceptable
behaviour without
squashing their spirit.

Sheffield Dog Training is one of Sheffield's newest dog training clubs founded in 2015 by Jane Pooley. We offer a broad range of classes to suit all dogs and their owners. The emphasis is on having fun while building a strong bond with your dog.

The team is led by Jane Pooley who is a member of the Association of British Pet Dog Trainers. Jane has been a dog trainer for over 11 years and her enthusiasm for dogs and their care  is embedded in the spirit of the club. Her philosophy is to empower dog owners to acquire the skills they need to train their dogs. Jane works with a highly experienced team who provide an invaluable support network in each class.

Jane has a long history of supporting local charities. These include
Friends of Sheaf Valley, Park  Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, and Sheffield Support Dogs, amongst others

For more information please contact us on 07460 362648, or you can reach us on: